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1.   Her little child lay weeping in her arm And, kneeling, piteously to him she said "Peace, little son, I will do thee no harm:" With that her kerchief off her head she braid,* *took, drew And over his little eyen she it laid, And in her arm she lulled it full fast, And unto heav'n her eyen up she cast.
2.   Secondly, is it possible that an animal having, for instance, the structure and habits of a bat, could have been formed by the modification of some animal with wholly different habits? Can we believe that natural selection could produce, on the one hand, organs of trifling importance, such as the tail of a giraffe, which serves as a fly-flapper, and, on the other hand, organs of such wonderful structure, as the eye, of which we hardly as yet fully understand the inimitable perfection?
3. 入睡前,他将水滴筹转发到朋友圈,他看到很多人在这个平台上筹到十几万。
4. 7. “Out 1: Noli Me Tangere”(Jacques Rivette)
5. 低接触SaaS通常按月订阅销售,B2C应用程序的价格点聚集在10美元左右,B2B应用程序的价格在20美元到500美元之间。
6. 原标题:企业员工双创收苏大强再出大招咪店推出10万+中小企业自救赋能计划近期新冠病毒疫情防治工作进入攻坚阶段,2月7日在国家卫健委全国一省包湖北一市的整体安排下,被称为苏大强的江苏省对口援助黄石市,一时间十三太保散装出征的梗刷遍全网,其实在另一条不为人知的经济战线,苏大强也在频出大招。


1. v. 弄短,变短
2.   `I do it because it's politic; I do it on principle. And look at me! I get on.'
3.   But now I am forced to believe in the excess of yourkindness, since not only your letter but your servantassures me that I have the good fortune to be beloved byyou.
4. 对于不按批准的客运站点停靠或者不按规定的线路、公布班次行驶的行为,按照相关规定,司机会被处以1000元以上3000元以下的罚款,情节严重的可能被吊销道路运输经营许可证。
5.   Characters in the Prologue for the Theatre
6. 地质队一般有个基地,在城里面,家属都住在基地里。


1. 5000英亩土地的小的合作团体即“法郎吉”。欧文通过把其工厂所在的新拉纳克改变为一个模范村、通过在印第安纳建立一个短暂的共产主义的“新和谐”村而赢得广泛的注意。
2.   "Fountain nymphs," he cried, "children of Jove, if ever Ulyssesburned you thigh bones covered with fat whether of lambs or kids,grant my prayer that heaven may send him home. He would soon put anend to the swaggering threats with which such men as you go aboutinsulting people-gadding all over the town while your flocks are goingto ruin through bad shepherding."
3. 疫情是一场考验,但也是优秀创业者的摇篮。
4. [k?'m?:l]
5. reflect反射;沉思+ion→反射;思考
6. "Those big white ones are public buildings evidently," Terry declared. "This is no savage country, my friend. But no men? Boys, it behooves us to go forward most politely."


1. 在芝园小区的日语教室里,我经常遇见的是来自辽宁、吉林、黑龙江的IT工作者,他们大多来自沈阳、大连或哈尔滨等城市。
2.   "Go to the riverside, ask for the brig SUND, and give this letterto the captain; he will convey you to a little port, wherecertainly you are not expected, and which is ordinarily onlyfrequented by fishermen."
3. Then Miss Amelia began to wring her fat hands and cry.
4.   "Do you think," he said, after a few moments' silence, "thatyou'll try and get on the stage?"
5.   "When we be come there as I say, More wondrous thinges, dare I lay,* *bet Of Love's folke more tidings, Both *soothe sawes and leasings;* *true sayings and lies* And more loves new begun, And long y-served loves won, And more loves casually That be betid,* no man knows why, *happened by chance But as a blind man starts a hare; And more jollity and welfare, While that they finde *love of steel,* *love true as steel* As thinketh them, and over all weel; More discords, and more jealousies, More murmurs, and more novelties, And more dissimulations, And feigned reparations; And more beardes, in two hours, Withoute razor or scissours Y-made, <14> than graines be of sands; And eke more holding in hands,* *embracings And also more renovelances* *renewings Of old *forleten acquaintances;* *broken-off acquaintanceships* More love-days,<15> and more accords,* *agreements Than on instruments be chords; And eke of love more exchanges Than ever cornes were in granges."* *barns
6.   "Monsieur de Cavois?"


1. 福特级1号舰福特号在2017年以后,就参与了多项航母性能的测试验证,收集到了很多数据的同时也发现了福特级暴露出的很多性能缺陷,因而福特号不久前又返回船坞接受改装,虽然有很多人对福特级的性价比不太看好,但是先进的装备,肯定是需要通过长时间的调试和改进才能真正发挥出实力的。
2.   As he spoke he kissed his son, and a tear fell from his cheek onto the ground, for he had restrained all tears till now. butTelemachus could not yet believe that it was his father, and said:
3.   Such a staircase, with its accessories, in the older and more crowded parts of Paris, would be bad enough now; but, at that time, it was vile indeed to unaccustomed and unhardened senses. Every little habitation within the great foul nest of one high building--that is to say, the room or rooms within every door that opened on the general staircase--left its own heap of refuse on its own landing, besides Ringing other refuse from its own windows. The uncontrollable and hopeless mass of decomposition so engendered, would have polluted the air, even if poverty and deprivation had not loaded it wit!' their intangible impurities; the Mo bad sources combined made it almost insupportable. Through such an atmosphere, by a steep dark shaft of dirt and poison, the way lay. Yielding to his own disturbance of mind, and to his young companion's agitation, which became greater every instant, Mr. Jarvis Lorry twice stopped to rest. Each of these stoppages was made at a doleful grating, by which any languishing good airs that were left uncorrupted seemed to escape, and all spoilt and sickly vapours seemed to crawl in. Through the rusted bars, tastes, rather than glimpses, were caught of the jumbled neighbourhood; and nothing within range, nearer or lower than the summits of the two-great towers of Notre-Dame, had any promise on it of healthy life or wholesome aspirations.

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      Mr. Lorry and Monsieur Defarge had made all ready for the journey, and had brought with them, besides travelling cloaks and wrappers, bread and meat, wine, and hot coffee. Monsieur Defarge put this provender, and the lamp he carried, on the shoemaker's bench (there was nothing else in the garret but a pallet bed), and he and Mr. Lorry roused the captive, and assisted him to his feet.

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      Her nose directed straight, even as line, With form and shape thereto convenient, In which the *goddes' milk-white path* doth shine; *the galaxy* And eke her eyne be bright and orient As is the smaragd,* unto my judgment, *emerald Or yet these starres heav'nly, small, and bright; Her visage is of lovely red and white.

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