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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "He? What he?" asked Athos.
2.  "This woman is full of mysteries," murmured D'Artagnan tohimself. At that instant he felt himself ready to revealall. He even opened his mouth to tell Milady who he was,and with what a revengeful purpose he had come; but sheadded, "Poor angel, whom that monster of a Gascon barelyfailed to kill."
3.  "A bed, my Lord," replied D'Artagnan. "At present, I confess,that is the thing I stand most in need of."
4.  "Well, my dear friend, add to his natural devotedness a goodsum of money, and then, instead of answering for him once,answer for him twice."
5.  "I believe so," replied Aramis.
6.  That same evening M. de Treville announced this good news tothe three Musketeers and D'Artagnan, inviting all four tobreakfast with him next morning.


1.  At seven o'clock in the morning he arose and called Planchet, whoat the second summons opened the door, his countenance not yetquite freed from the anxiety of the preceding night."Planchet," said D'Artagnan, "I am going out for all day,perhaps. You are, therefore, your own master till seven o'clockin the evening; but at seven o'clock you must hold yourself inreadiness with two horses."
2.  "And what has happened to you, my dear Porthos?" continuedD'Artagnan.
3.  "On our arrival in Paris, we shall still have four hundred,besides the harnesses," said Porthos.
4.  D'Artagnan drew himself up with a proud air which plainly said,"I ask alms of no man."
5.  Aramis called Bazin, and, after having ordered him to join themat Athos's residence, said "Let us go then," at the same timetaking his cloak, sword, and three pistols, opening uselessly twoor three drawers to see if he could not find stray coin. Whenwell assured this search was superfluous, he followed D'Artagnan,wondering to himself how this young Guardsman should know so wellwho the lady was to whom he had given hospitality, and that heshould know better than himself what had become of her.Only as they went out Aramis placed his hand upon the arm ofD'Artagnan, and looking at him earnestly, "You have not spoken ofthis lady?" said he.
6.  The officer desired to have Milady's packages pointed out to him,and ordered them to be placed in the boat. When this operationwas complete, he invited her to descend by offering her his hand.Milady looked at this man, and hesitated. "Who are you, sir,"asked she, "who has the kindness to trouble yourself soparticularly on my account?"


1.  "No; I only thought that a pretty mule makes sometimes asgood an appearance as a horse, and it seemed to me that bygetting a pretty mule for Mousqueton--"
2.  "Now, gentlemen, a sortie!" cried Athos.
3.  "She has the most beautiful light hair imaginable!""Ah, my poor D'Artagnan!" said Athos.
4.  "Your Eminence is right," replied Milady; "and I have beenwrong in seeing in the mission with which you honor meanything but that which it really is--that is, to announceto his Grace, on the part of your Eminence, that you areacquainted with the different disguises by means of which hesucceeded in approaching the queen during the fete given byMadame the Constable; that you have proofs of the interviewgranted at the Louvre by the queen to a certain Italianastrologer who was no other than the Duke of Buckingham;that you have ordered a little romance of a satirical natureto be written upon the adventures of Amiens, with a plan ofthe gardens in which those adventures took place, andportraits of the actors who figured in them; that Montagueis in the Bastille, and that the torture may make him saythings he remembers, and even things he has forgotten; thatyou possess a certain letter from Madame de Chevreuse, foundin his Grace's lodging, which singularly compromises notonly her who wrote it, but her in whose name it was written.Then, if he persists, notwithstanding all this--as that is,as I have said, the limit of my mission--I shall havenothing to do but to pray God to work a miracle for thesalvation of France. That is it, is it not, monseigneur,and I shall have nothing else to do?"
5.   D'Artagnan looked with stupefaction at a man who thus employedthe unlimited power with which he was clothed by the confidenceof a king in the prosecution of his intrigues. Buckingham saw bythe expression of the young man's face what was passing in hismind, and he smiled.
6.  "The same password?"


1.  "Well," said Milady, "what can those who sleep wish for--a happyawakening? This awakening you have given me; allow me, then, to enjoyit at my ease," and taking her hand, she drew her toward the armchair bythe bedside.
2.  "To how much?" said she. "I hope it does not exceed--" Shestopped; speech failed her.
3.  The three companions advanced rather humbly--for all werenow convinced that they had to do with someone more powerfulthan themselves--leaving Athos the post of speaker.One of the two riders, he who had spoken second, was tenpaces in front of his companion. Athos made a sign toPorthos and Aramis also to remain in the rear, and advancedalone.
4、  "You pardon me?"
5、  "That's true. Now, will you make me a report of all that has happened?""Why, I have related the events to you. You have a good memory; repeatwhat I have told you. A paper may be lost."




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      D'Artagnan descended by the staircase at which he hadentered, and found Athos and the four Musketeers waiting hisappearance, and beginning to grow uneasy. With a word,D'Artagnan reassured them; and Planchet ran to inform theother sentinels that it was useless to keep guard longer, ashis master had come out safe from the Palais-Cardinal.Returned home with Athos, Aramis and Porthos inquiredeagerly the cause of the strange interview; but D'Artagnanconfined himself to telling them that M. de Richelieu hadsent for him to propose to him to enter into his guards withthe rank of ensign, and that he had refused.

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      "And who told you this fine story, sire?" asked Treville,quietly.

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       "Whom Pagans and unbelieving Gentiles call Duke of Buckingham,"replied Milady. "I could not have thought that there was anEnglishman in all England who would have required so long anexplanation to make him understand of whom I was speaking.""The hand of the Lord is stretched over him," said Felton; "hewill not escape the chastisement he deserves."

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      "At half past twelve the queen was with her women--""Where?"

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    {  D'Artagnan rose, took his hat, as if it had been hisintention to obey, then, opening quickly the door of a largecloset instead of that leading to the staircase, he buriedhimself amid the robes and dressing gowns of Milady."What are you doing?" cried Kitty.

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      "Wait, then, monsieur, wait," said the king; "I will not detainyou long."}

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      "The devil!" murmured the king; "what must be done?""Sign an order for his release, and all will be said," repliedthe cardinal. "I believe with your Majesty that Monsieur deTreville's guarantee is more than sufficient."

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       "I go," said he; "I go at once."

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    {  "'Hear me,' said he; 'this man has gone, and for the moment hasconsequently escaped my vengeance; but let us be united, as wewere to have been, and then leave it to Lord de Winter tomaintain his own honor and that of his wife.'"

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      D'Artagnan detained her by her night dress of fine Indialinen, to implore her pardon; but she, with a strongmovement, tried to escape. Then the cambric was torn fromher beautiful shoulders; and on one of those lovelyshoulders, round and white, D'Artagnan recognized, withinexpressible astonishment, the FLEUR-DE-LIS--that indeliblemark which the hand of the infamous executioner hadimprinted.