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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "`You will sell this diamond; you will divide the money intofive equal parts, and give an equal portion to these goodfriends, the only persons who have loved me upon earth.'"
2.  "Her, -- yes."
3.  "Will you promise me?"
4.  "Oh, come, then, come!" cried she, hastening away with theyoung man. During this time, Madame Morrel had told her soneverything. The young man knew quite well that, after thesuccession of misfortunes which had befallen his father,great changes had taken place in the style of living andhousekeeping; but he did not know that matters had reachedsuch a point. He was thunderstruck. Then, rushing hastilyout of the apartment, he ran up-stairs, expecting to findhis father in his study, but he rapped there in vain.
5.  "Do as you please; but, first of all, pray have a servant,father. I will not have you left alone so long. I have somesmuggled coffee and most capital tobacco, in a small chestin the hold, which you shall have to-morrow. But, hush, herecomes somebody."
6.  "Oh, yes," replied the count; "understand me, I would fighta duel for a trifle, for an insult, for a blow; and the moreso that, thanks to my skill in all bodily exercises, and theindifference to danger I have gradually acquired, I shouldbe almost certain to kill my man. Oh, I would fight for sucha cause; but in return for a slow, profound, eternaltorture, I would give back the same, were it possible; aneye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, as the Orientalistssay, -- our masters in everything, -- those favoredcreatures who have formed for themselves a life of dreamsand a paradise of realities."


1.  "It is true, nevertheless."
2.  The night was one of feverish distraction, and in itsprogress visions good and evil passed through Dantes' mind.If he closed his eyes, he saw Cardinal Spada's letterwritten on the wall in characters of flame -- if he sleptfor a moment the wildest dreams haunted his brain. Heascended into grottos paved with emeralds, with panels ofrubies, and the roof glowing with diamond stalactites.Pearls fell drop by drop, as subterranean waters filter intheir caves. Edmond, amazed, wonderstruck, filled hispockets with the radiant gems and then returned to daylight,when be discovered that his prizes had all changed intocommon pebbles. He then endeavored to re-enter themarvellous grottos, but they had suddenly receded, and nowthe path became a labyrinth, and then the entrance vanished,and in vain did he tax his memory for the magic andmysterious word which opened the splendid caverns of AliBaba to the Arabian fisherman. All was useless, the treasuredisappeared, and had again reverted to the genii from whomfor a moment he had hoped to carry it off. The day came atlength, and was almost as feverish as the night had been,but it brought reason to the aid of imagination, and Danteswas then enabled to arrange a plan which had hitherto beenvague and unsettled in his brain. Night came, and with itthe preparation for departure, and these preparations servedto conceal Dantes' agitation. He had by degrees assumed suchauthority over his companions that he was almost like acommander on board; and as his orders were always clear,distinct, and easy of execution, his comrades obeyed himwith celerity and pleasure.
3.  Franz's only reply was to take a teaspoonful of themarvellous preparation, about as much in quantity as hishost had eaten, and lift it to his mouth. "Diable!" he said,after having swallowed the divine preserve. "I do not knowif the result will be as agreeable as you describe, but thething does not appear to me as palatable as you say."
4.  "Who is there?" answered the voice of her he sought. Hethought that voice more feeble than usual.
5.  "Well, monsieur," said Bertuccio, "this man with thisspotless reputation" --
6.  "No one had entered the house since I had left it. It wasfive o'clock in the afternoon; I ascended into the red room,and waited for night. There all the thoughts which haddisturbed me during my year of constant agony came back withdouble force. The Corsican, who had declared the vendettaagainst me, who had followed me from Nimes to Paris, who hadhid himself in the garden, who had struck me, had seen medig the grave, had seen me inter the child, -- he mightbecome acquainted with your person, -- nay, he might eventhen have known it. Would he not one day make you pay forkeeping this terrible secret? Would it not be a sweetrevenge for him when he found that I had not died from theblow of his dagger? It was therefore necessary, beforeeverything else, and at all risks, that I should cause alltraces of the past to disappear -- that I should destroyevery material vestige; too much reality would always remainin my recollection. It was for this I had annulled the lease-- it was for this I had come -- it was for this I waswaiting. Night arrived; I allowed it to become quite dark. Iwas without a light in that room; when the wind shook allthe doors, behind which I continually expected to see somespy concealed, I trembled. I seemed everywhere to hear yourmoans behind me in the bed, and I dared not turn around. Myheart beat so violently that I feared my wound would open.At length, one by one, all the noises in the neighborhoodceased. I understood that I had nothing to fear, that Ishould neither be seen nor heard, so I decided upondescending to the garden.


1.  "Ah, to be sure, I have not answered you; be satisfied, weshall have this `lion;' we are among the privileged ones."
2.  "What is that?"
3.  "Wild eyes, the iris of which contracts or dilates atpleasure," said Debray; "facial angle strongly developed,magnificent forehead, livid complexion, black beard, sharpand white teeth, politeness unexceptionable."
4.  "Well, then, I will buy it of you!"
5.   "Of what, think you, do young and strong men die in prison,when they have scarcely numbered their thirtieth year,unless it be of imprisonment?" Caderousse wiped away thelarge beads of perspiration that gathered on his brow.
6.  "`"It is this: -- `I swear by my honor not to reveal to anyone what I have seen and heard on the 5th of February, 1815,between nine and ten o'clock in the evening; and I pleadguilty of death should I ever violate this oath.'" Thegeneral appeared to be affected by a nervous tremor, whichprevented his answering for some moments; then, overcominghis manifest repugnance, he pronounced the required oath,but in so low a tone as to be scarcely audible to themajority of the members, who insisted on his repeating itclearly and distinctly, which he did.


1.  "Oh, dear, no, your excellency! I have not time foranybody's affairs but my own and those of my honorableguests; but I make an agreement with the man who pastes upthe papers, and he brings them to me as he would theplaybills, that in case any person staying at my hotelshould like to witness an execution, he may obtain everyrequisite information concerning the time and place etc."
2.  "Ah," said Morrel. Beauchamp pulled out his watch. "It isonly five minutes past eight," said he to Morrel; "there isnot much time lost yet."
3.  The brigadier advanced to him, sword in hand. "Come, come,"said Andrea, "sheathe your sword, my fine fellow; there isno occasion to make such a fuss, since I give myself up;"and he held out his hands to be manacled. The girls lookedwith horror upon this shameful metamorphosis, the man of theworld shaking off his covering and appearing as agalley-slave. Andrea turned towards them, and with animpertinent smile asked, -- "Have you any message for yourfather, Mademoiselle Danglars, for in all probability Ishall return to Paris?"
4、  " I was then almost assured that the inheritance had neitherprofited the Borgias nor the family, but had remainedunpossessed like the treasures of the Arabian Nights, whichslept in the bosom of the earth under the eyes of the genie.I searched, ransacked, counted, calculated a thousand and athousand times the income and expenditure of the family forthree hundred years. It was useless. I remained in myignorance, and the Count of Spada in his poverty. My patrondied. He had reserved from his annuity his family papers,his library, composed of five thousand volumes, and hisfamous breviary. All these he bequeathed to me, with athousand Roman crowns, which he had in ready money, oncondition that I would have anniversary masses said for therepose of his soul, and that I would draw up a genealogicaltree and history of his house. All this I did scrupulously.Be easy, my dear Edmond, we are near the conclusion.
5、  "Are you quite sure of that?"




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      "Everything," said the abbe. And that very evening theprisoners sketched a plan of education, to be entered uponthe following day. Dantes possessed a prodigious memory,combined with an astonishing quickness and readiness ofconception; the mathematical turn of his mind rendered himapt at all kinds of calculation, while his naturallypoetical feelings threw a light and pleasing veil over thedry reality of arithmetical computation, or the rigidseverity of geometry. He already knew Italian, and had alsopicked up a little of the Romaic dialect during voyages tothe East; and by the aid of these two languages he easilycomprehended the construction of all the others, so that atthe end of six mouths he began to speak Spanish, English,and German. In strict accordance with the promise made tothe abbe, Dantes spoke no more of escape. Perhaps thedelight his studies afforded him left no room for suchthoughts; perhaps the recollection that he had pledged hisword (on which his sense of honor was keen) kept him fromreferring in any way to the possibilities of flight. Days,even months, passed by unheeded in one rapid and instructivecourse. At the end of a year Dantes was a new man. Dantesobserved, however, that Faria, in spite of the relief hissociety afforded, daily grew sadder; one thought seemedincessantly to harass and distract his mind. Sometimes hewould fall into long reveries, sigh heavily andinvoluntarily, then suddenly rise, and, with folded arms,begin pacing the confined space of his dungeon. One day hestopped all at once, and exclaimed, "Ah, if there were nosentinel!"

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      "In that case your son would be very unpleasantly situated."

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       "You have, then, been induced to alter your opinion; youhave had some proofs of their truth?" The major drew fromhis pocket a handful of gold. "Most palpable proofs," saidhe, "as you may perceive."

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      "And what was his reply?"

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    {  "Reverend sir," said Caderousse, drawing still nearer.

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