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1. 年龄:50岁
2. So, yeah, I think they should tank and they might even be able to get some good value for Ibaka in a trade even if it would be a really quick about-face. God they're weird.
3. 他赢得了名动词奖,而其姐妹奖,最佳动词名词化奖,则由另一位顾问凭借这句“全球联络”(global touch-base)摘得。
4. Rank: 3
5. We learned about the causes and consequences of rising obesity around the world.
6. 奇才队如果想要留在强队之列,需要尽快给球队动手术。我们已经看到了他们一直以来期待的全员奇才是怎样的水准。


1. 46岁的姚振华以深圳为大本营,在房地产上赚取了第一桶金。但他的净财富之所以能在一年内增长约8倍,凭借的是他旗下的宝能集团(Baoneng Group)进军保险业和随后对房地产业竞争对手万科(Vanke)展开“突袭”。万科在中国多座城市拥有业务。
2. *最佳真人秀主持:鲁保罗?查尔斯(RuPaul Charles),《鲁保罗变装皇后秀》(RuPaul’s Drag Race, Logo)
3. n. 财产
4. After year of stars such as Salma Hayek and Gwyneth Paltrow claiming to be vistims of harassment, McGowan has said she understands why Donald Trump supporters hate Hollywood, whose apparent liberalism she says is fake.
5. 凯特 阿普顿
6. 3.6 积极主动扩大对外开放


1. encourage
2. Tencent has been helped by agreements to pre-install software with Chinese handset makers who sold increasing numbers of handsets abroad in recent years, particularly in emerging markets, according to Mr. Wang.
3. 上榜的密码中有几大主题,包括人名和兴趣爱好。
4. You might think 60% is absolutely nothing, but this is a significant step, seeing as gay marriage was not legal anywhere in the United States in 2003.
5. 7. Make sure you don’t ask silly questions such as; is this Chelsea versus England?
6. 这只漂亮的伯曼猫在Ins上有超过128000名粉丝,而且它还是拉格菲尔德众多设计的灵感。


1. "Nobody can stop it. I will keep sending leaflets into North Korea at the risk of my life," Park said, adding he has always prepared to face down the North's threats.
2. James Bond Themes 3. "Skyfall" by Adele
3. Hello, I'm Severn Suzuki speaking for E.C.O. - The Environmental Children's Organisation. 大家好,我是Severn Suzuki,我代表儿童环境组织来此演讲。
4. 凯文·史派西、摩根·弗里曼这样的明星也难逃一劫,被指控性侵演员,积极的网友在网上用标签分享各自的心路历程。
5. 上周,卢彦被任命为北京市推进京津冀协同发展领导小组办公室主任,该举措是为了加速京津冀一体化的协调工作。
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1. 3.贫穷
2. ●"President Obama Confirms He Will Refuse To Leave Office If Trump Is Elected"
3. Lisa Stone

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