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1. 单词accurate 联想记忆:
2. 'He does smoke cigarettes, he smokes many, many cigarettes.
3. The seven large brick tombs were likelyconstructed for people of wealth, the researchers said.
4. 该报告指出,代理商和投资机构的涌入导致世界第二大经济体的增长方式和平台发生了额外的变化。小米科技公司的投资人和创始人雷军、360董事长周鸿祎、中国首富王健林等众多互联网大咖都大力支持流媒体的网络直播,这强烈表明了投资网红经济的巨大利润。
5. 6.《我爱你,菲利普·莫里斯》
6. 就业是经济发展的基础,是财富增长的来源,也是居民收入的主渠道。


1. 报告显示,与2015年相比,2016年选择创业的应届毕业生比例明显下降,由6.3%降至3.1%。
2. 值得注意的是,中国电信巨头华为递交了2390项专利申请,其专利申请数量在全球企业中排名第二,仅次于飞利浦(2568项)。
3. 两人的正式获奖词说的是表彰其“稳定匹配理论和市场设计实践”。
4. 年龄:31岁
5. "Some geniuses in the internet industry created miracles, but that does not tell the whole story," said Chen. "Business has its own rules. Before you start up, you have to know how to produce products, how to sell them, how to manage a company. Those lessons you cannot expect a fresh graduate to know."
6. He added that there was an unavoidable issue with the original plot, because Pussy Galore was cast as a lesbian who cannot help but be overcome with lust for Bond.


1. 接受一份谋生型的工作有两个弊端。这样做会让你在求职中分心,而且潜在雇主对你以前的专业形象会有所怀疑。
2. 詹妮弗·劳伦斯也凭借她在《奋斗的乔伊》中的表演喜获最佳女主角奖项。
3. A thin line separates confidence and delusion, and Kobe Bryant is straddling it. It's the only conclusion one could reach after judging the Los Angeles Lakers star's comments Tuesday after he tied the worst shooting performance of his career in any game in which he attempted at least five shots.
4. London, meanwhile, is expected to welcome 18.88 million visitors this year.
5. Sweden
6. Season\'s greetings and best wishes for the New Year.


1. survival
2. Pay is an issue, he says (the median salary for reporters in 2010 was $36, 000); he's not sure he can raise a family and send kids to college on a reporter's salary. And yes, the stress and the hours can be taxing. But he says, 'I'm not sure I'd be happy in another setting. I can't think of any job that would be as exciting or as fulfilling as this.'
3. To provide assistance to these laid-off workers will continue to be our priority in cutting overcapacity and pursuing the supply-side structural reform.
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5. 6、沉溺于社交媒体
6. 以下就是关于这些交易——或者那些本应发生的交易——的盘点,我们来看看今年交易截止日的赢家和输家分别是谁。


1. The pandas did some tai-chi in Trafalgar Square before kicking on at a panda party in Convent Garden as part of the first ever Panda Awareness Week.
2. 谁也不愿意自己的家门口整天闹个不停。
3. 10月份,尽管中国出台了大量限购措施,中国新建住宅价格增速却仍然加快。

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