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1. Price growth in top cities was slower, however, with Beijing, for instance, reporting a rise of only 0.5 per cent from the previous month, compared to 4.9 per cent in September.
2. 5.ah, you look great in that dress. – Because it’s better than being slapped。
3. The central bank last year spent more than six months signaling its intent to wean the economy off a third round of bond-buying, and the prospect upset markets at just about every turn. Now it's only in the first stage of that process.
4. 戴假牙的角色
5. China’s investment in Europe and the US has reached record highs, despite the slowdown in the country’s domestic economy.
6. 通州将会成为新的北京行政中心,该举措有助于缓解现在政府所在的北京中心地区的公共服务压力。


1. Local farmers must love this wireless company as much as its employees do. Once a week, San Diego-based Qualcomm hosts a farmers market at two of its locations. Items sold range from traditional produce to jams and jellies. Employees with CSA veggie box subscriptions can pick up their produce packages at one of the HQ's cafés.
2. *最佳综艺导演:瑞安?麦克福(Ryan McFaul),《艾米?舒莫的内心世界》(Inside Amy Schumer)
3. For now, most of the activity around bitcoin is monetary in nature, so it makes sense that its critics point to volatility. Though the value of one bitcoin in U.S. dollars has fallen 67% in the past year, its value over the past two years is up 1,879%, according to the market price chart at So whether it’s a good investment or a bad one is a matter of perspective.
4. John Williams's classic score still raises goosebumps over 40 years after this summer blockbuster hit theaters. Jaws preys on our primal fear of the unknown in deep waters, showing a small beach town ravaged by a series of attacks from a single killer shark. In recent years, environmentalists have stressed the generally nonthreatening nature of sharks, which kill an average of just eight swimmers each year.
5. congratulate
6. Jack Ma and his family's total wealth in IT industry was 195 billion yuan, followed by Tencent Holdings founder Pony Ma, whose wealth increased by 30% year-on-year to 134 billion yuan.


1. [k?'min]
2. James Bond Themes 4. "Thunderball" by Tom Jones
3. The French president would have ranked much higher had he not taken a 30% pay cut on assuming office in 2012.
4. n. 平台,站台,月台,讲台,(政党的)政纲
5. ['deziɡ,neitid]
6. The French president would have ranked much higher had he not taken a 30% pay cut on assuming office in 2012.


1. Verification and evaluation should be enhanced before publication, Wang said.
2. 7.Drones
3. The Fate of the Furious was the top-grossing foreign film, ranking second on the list.
4. movement
5. Some 88 Chinese universities are included in the Global 400 subjects in the latest QS World University Rankings by Subject, which was released Tuesday by QS Quacquarelli Symonds, a higher education research firm.
6. 尽管购汇限制并未调整,但监管部门现在要求个人详细披露到底要用购得的外汇去做什么。购得的外汇只能用于旅游和购物、留学、境外求医以及咨询服务等经常项目支出。房地产和其他投资性支出属明确禁止之列。


1. Finance is one of top school Edhec’s core strengths, both in terms of teaching and research. The school in 2001 established the Edhec-Risk Institute to produce and distribute research on areas such as asset and risk management.
2. 卓越雇主排名:1
3. Rose Wang



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