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1. Actively expanding China's opening up to the world
2. Qualcomm
3. Lady Gaga凭她的非营利性的天生如此的慈善基金会名列第四名。
4. 2. "Breaking Bad" (4.2 million)
5. The rest of them, he goes over quickly:
6. Native social media ads -- the ones that appear right in your Twitter and Facebook streams -- exploded in 2013. Love 'em or hate 'em, they're only getting bigger in 2014. This year, expect some significant, if slightly creepy, advances in location-specific targeting. Twitter, for instance, just unveiled a feature enabling paid Tweets to be targeted by zip code. You walk into a neighborhood, for instance, and suddenly Promoted Tweets for the local watering hole, dry cleaner, and McDonald's (MCD) pop up in your Twitter stream. This kind of "geo-fencing," which Facebook has had since 2011, enables businesses to court nearby customers who might actually want to get ads offering special deals, in-store specials, etc. The upside: more relevant ads and promos you can actually use. The downside: more ads.


1. 坚持依法全面履职。
2. contain
3. engaged
4. 2013年排名:12
5. However, the figures suggest that the pace of Chinese investment in western economies may be slowing.
6. 2017年,我国购买了14.1万台工业机器人,同比增长58.1%,然而在购买的机器人中,外资品牌占比近3/4,这表明国产与国外机器人制造商存在的差距仍在扩大。


1. Starbucks, up 49 per cent to 21 in the ranking, has evolved from a café to a place where people can hang out all day since it now sells breakfast, lunch and evening meals, accompanied by alcohol in some places.
2. 1.苹果公司
3. 这位《饥饿游戏》的女主角在AskMen.com网站评出的2012全球99个最性感女人排行榜中高居榜首。这一调查让网友票选他们最喜欢的女星,根据她们的外貌、个性、才能和其他吸引人的特质。该调查共收集了240多万张选票。
4. [di'pɑ:t]
5. “欧洲工商管理学院极大地充实了我们的跨文化体验,”一位来自瑞士的校友在接受调查时表示,“在这里学习全球文化好于其他任何地方。”
6. Nothing tops the insensitivity and stupendous lack of awareness as Lohan's insensitive post five months ago.


1. 《楚乔传》改编自网络小说《11处特工皇妃》,讲述了女奴楚乔的奇遇以及她和燕洵世子的爱情故事。
2. 13 Reasons Why
3. 有7所商学院在过去一两年落榜后重新上榜。
4. Prior to the slowdown that began in 2014 employers in China had been less stingy with cash bonuses, which can total well over a full month’s salary and send employees back home for the holiday with plenty of cash for gifts to elders and other family members (or to squirrel away as savings).
5. 200亿美元的数额会让任何一位投资垂涎,但这笔钱需要在回购和派息之间进行分配。与2014年其他公司宣布的股票回购相比,这笔钱只能算是零花钱。
6. 黑人小伙克里斯和白人女孩露丝交往到了见家长的一步。露丝邀请男友去北部父母家共度周末。女友的父母对自己甚是热情,起初,克里斯把这种过度热情解读为父母试图面对女儿跨种族爱情的紧张反应,但随后,一连串蛛丝马迹令人越来越不安,克里斯渐渐察觉,背后的真相远非自己所能想象的。


1. Jennifer Lawrence also took home the gong for best actress in a movie for her role in the critical darling Joy.
2. 现在,我们来说说2010年。
3. 盘点2011秋季美剧10大最性感女性角色

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