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1. 《ScreamRide》
2. For: Since it premiered at the Venice Film Festival, it's being wowing audiences.
3. 这一点,在他首次公开自己的性取向时表现得再突出不过了。
5. [di'klain]
6. 6. 米兰达?可儿


1. These collaborations signal a moment where the cradle of innovation and the arbiters of fashion are finally embracing one another, says L2 research director Colin Gilbert. Style is not the only missing piece to the wearable puzzle, but it’s something to look forward to, Gilbert says. More than half of the report’s respondents want devices that feel more like jewelry while 62 percent would like more than wrist-worn devices.
2. 史赛克公司(Stryker)的创始人就是“翻身床”的发明者,借助这个设备,卧床的病人无需挪动身体就能改变在病床上的位置。顺其自然地,这家医疗设备制造商也向自家员工及其家属出借医疗床,分毫不收。
3. 2010年中国的计生政策将发生变化吗?
4. 他说,“油价将波动上行。”
5. "There are 1,400 individuals who are involved in the departures for jihad,for terrorism, in Syria and in Iraq," Valls told BFMTV.
6. o Outside events can intrude.Consumer Reports, which raved about the Model S, reported a few “quirks” recently that included door handles that failed to activate and a center touch screen that went blank, blocking access to most of the car’s functions. has had trouble with its Model S too. More reports like that will dent Tesla’s heretofore shining reputation.


1. n. 扩大,膨胀,扩充
2. 奥巴马在俄亥俄州、威斯康星州、爱荷华州、宾夕法尼亚州和新罕布什尔州都以微弱的优势超过了罗姆尼,而在这些地方罗姆尼都曾经前往发表过演讲。根据网络数据,唯一被罗姆尼的风采征服的摇摆州是北卡罗来纳州。
3. Promoting social development to ensure and improve the wellbeing of our people
4. Meanwhile, it's onto 2010:
5. 吊床架组装方便,可以架在桨板、橡皮船和皮筏上。
6. 特朗普几乎是教科书式的煽动家。


1. Two colors! It may not sound revolutionary, but everything is relative. And know this: It’s not about indecision, but social progress. That’s Pantone’s position, anyway.
2. 4. Booing isn't just for pantomimes
3. 10. A bad marriage can lead to an early death
4. 别了,《广告狂人》(Mad Men)。别了,那些追踪每集情节(更重要的是,每集服装)的博客和粉丝网站。
5. 娱乐前沿:好莱坞甜美"星二代"
6. 除此之外,报告还显示,日本和美国依旧是创新的热点,其中化学、半导体、电子零部件和汽车等行业的创新最多。


1. 至于多元化,我乐观地认为,在某个时候,开明的年轻高管崛起将引发董事会突然转变态度。这种情况不会出现在2018年,尽管从科技到媒体行业的性骚扰丑闻所暴露的失衡和权力滥用问题,可能会加速这种变革。
2. IDC believes that the rising disposable income of Chinese people has resulted in greater consumption, which contributed to the rapid growth of the domestic smartphone market.
3. n. 罪犯

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