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1. 中国最高质量监督部门日前表示,去年通过网购平台出口到中国的消费品,超过40%是不合格的。
2. 明星大撞衫 看谁更好看(二)
3. ……声称自己之所以迟到是因为迷路了,但我们的接待员却说她刚刚看到这位求职者在咖啡店里玩。
4. “根据我们去年的调查,仅仅只有0.6%-0.7%的大学生有自主创业的意向。而这个比例在职业院校达2.2%。然而,职业院校的学生创业的目的是为了为自己创造就业岗位,并且大多数人选择了开网店。”
5. 1. 三菱。品牌喜爱度:-12%/排名:360
6. WTF.3: I'm Bigger Than You Think


1. We will work to ensure that our people have access to equitable and quality education.
2. 13 Reasons Why
3. 爱因斯坦复活了?
4. SplashData公司称,在娱乐网站上使用和邮箱及社交网站相同的密码尤其不安全。
5. The fundamentals of the Chinese economy remain sound, the capital adequacy ratio and provision coverage of commercial bans remain high, and we have many financial tools and instruments that can be used. We have the confidence, the ability, and the means to forestall systemic risks.
6. In eighth place with $6.5 million, Chinese model Liu Wen, 29, is the only Asian model on the list, reflecting the lack of diversity that continues to plague runways.


1. 10. "Arrow" (2.2 million)
2. However, the economists polled expect slightly higher growth rates and substantially higher inflation over 2016.
3. ['silik?n]
4. “但我让他在碰巧看了一眼报纸时,看到上面一篇文章提醒他吸烟会致癌。
5. Most female participants were between 19 and 23.
6. 10Norway


1. 16. Zapier
2. “当前是经济动荡时期,但我们看到中国企业满怀信心地行动,继续在欧洲和北美做出大动作,”他说。
3. "A total of 297 projects will be carried out in Tongzhou, such as building new subway lines and expressways, and improving ecologies," Lu Yan, director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform, said at a news conference on Wednesday.
4. The Bellarine Peninsula, located Southwest of Melbourne, Victoria, has been a hotspot for timeless beaches and historic towns like Queenscliff and Portarlington.
5. China's 2016 office box sales are expected to exceed the 2015 total of 44 billion yuan (6.8 billion U.S. dollars), the country's film watchdog said.
6. 'I thought I was going to sell the app in the Apple store for a pound or two each, and then I'd use the money to buy a new computer,' says D'Aloisio. 'I'd never had any contact from an investor before. And now here's an email supposedly from a Hong Kong billionaire. It sounded dodgy. I didn't respond the first time. They had to email me again.' D'Aloisio was accompanied by his mother and father ('they were a bit bewildered, it was kind of insane') as he took a meeting with Horizons Ventures's representatives in London in August 2011. The meeting ended with D'Aloisio receiving a seed investment of $300,000.


1. ['p?:n]
2. Will the Saudi Aramco public offering debut on an international market
3. The artefact which has a flat base was found inside an ancient tomb in the Xuyi County in western Jiangsu in 2009. It has been kept at the Nanjing Museum the capital of Jiangsu Province.

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    The government's next snapshot of the job market, due Friday, will be distorted by Sandy, which devastated the Northeast in late October, leaving many jobless. Economists say Sandy could temporarily knock anywhere from 100,000 to 150,000 off of the government's jobs tally for November, resulting in job growth of under 100,000 or even much less.[qh]

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